METHEDRAS reveal album details

Photo by Silvia Belloni Photography

The Italian thrash/death war machine METHEDRAS has released a new single from their upcoming album "The Ventrioquist"!

The new single "A Deal With The Devil" is accompanied by an official video, directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo.
"The Ventriloquist" is set to be released on December 7, 2018 on Massacre Records, and offers harsh riffs, killer solos and infernal vocals, among others. The album is already available for pre-order here »

The   4 band members  Italian thrash/death killing machine METHEDRAS  aren’t rookies anymore. They can look back on more than 20 years of experience, and have released several demos and 4 studio albums so far. They aren’t strangers to club and festival stages either, having already played at Wacken Open Air or Metal Camp, for example, and supported bands like Dismember, Destruction or Morbid Angel.

How do they sound like, you ask? Well, they play some sort of derived thrash metal spiced with death metal influences and a groove-hardcore approach concerning the vocals.

METHEDRAS enthüllen Albumdetails

Die italienische Threash/Death Abrissbirne METHEDRAS hat die erste Single vom kommenden Album "The Ventriloquist" veröffentlicht!

Die neue Single "A Deal With The Devil" hat ein offizielles Video im Gepäck.
"The Ventriloquist" wird am 07.12.2018 bei Massacre Records erscheinen und bietet euch unter anderem rasiermesserscharfe Riffs, Killer-Soli und infernale Vocals. Hier kann man das Album bereits vorbestellen »

METHEDRAS - A Deal With The Devil (Official Video)

METHEDRAS - The Ventriloquist

  1. A Deal With The Devil
  2. Sham Knockout
  3. Blind
  4. Dead Silence
  5. Fire Within
  6. Stab Me Again
  7. Alive Or Convict
  8. Sleepwalking
  9. Into The Maze
  10. Watch Me Fall

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